• Whitney Cason

Your Writing Matters!

This is a writer’s public service announcement to let you all know that if you are a writer, your writing matters to this world.

There is always someone who is looking forward to the words you have put effort into giving the world.

Someone is in your corner, cheering you on from the first page to the last page.

People are highly anticipating your upcoming work to be published, you just never noticed.

Your Facebook and Instagram friends are waiting for you to drop your next blog post so they can read and share it with others.

Someone is waiting to add your next published novel to their cart along with the previous ones in the series.

Your. Writing. Matters. 🖤

Please; if you‘re a writer, stop insulting yourself by playing small. You are a rockstar, a rare talent, and not everyone can do what you can do. Embrace it and love those who love you for what you bring to the world.


Whitney Cason 

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